Factory Tours

The Glass and Glazing Industry is a vibrant part of manufacturing and building and construction. It offers excellent careers and employment prospects. It also offers Teachers and Students an opportunity to learn how local companies are using science, design and technology to successfully compete in an industry that is meeting changing consumer needs such as environmental sustainability. To find out about the opportunities apply to tour a local company to see the industry in action.

Example of a tour:
Vince Bianchini, Director – Sales and Marketing at Cooling Brothers and Alistair Black, Managing Director at Glasspower, provided an overview of glass processing and glazing through their own career pathways. The group then toured the Cooling Brothers plant in High Wycombe, Western Australia. Teachers said that seeing the processing and printed glass facility in action helped them gain an understanding of the knowledge and skills required to manufacture glass and operate the latest technology.

To provide a balanced view of the industry Alistair showcased his company with examples of commercial glazing for participants to see what is required to install glass on a large scale.

Who should attend?
The presentation and tour can be tailored to Students, Parents, Careers Advisors, VET Teachers from schools that offer design and technology, VET Building and Construction or Engineering and for Science, Technology and Maths Teachers.

Tours can cater for years 7 to 12.

Attending schools will be offered work experience and work placement opportunities for interested Students.






Work Placement

Interested in finding Work experience, Work placements? Like to discover the Glass and Glazing industry on an Industry tour? Read on and see what the Glass industry has to offer.




Work Placement Opportunities

If you are a student and looking for work experience or a work placement and learn by doing try the Glass and Glazing Industry Workplace Program. Glass companies are particularly relevant to those considering or already undertaking a Building and Construction or Engineering VET in Schools course.


Through the Glass and Glazing work experience program students can gain an understanding of the world of work and career opportunities. Glass and glazing companies can offer hands on work experience that includes;

    • The safe handling of glass
    • Installation of glass products
    • Fabrication and installation of shower screens and wardrobe doors
    • Processing of glass by basic machines and computer controlled machines


If you are undertaking a VET in Schools program you can apply the skills you are learning on the job through structured workplace activities in a glass and glazing company that can include;

    • CNC machining of glass
    • Waterjet cutting and shaping of glass
    • Edge working of glass
    • Manufacturing of high performance and energy efficient products
    • Manufacturing of safety glass which protect people from glass injuries
    • Estimating and quoting of glazing work
    • Lead lighting
    • On site commercial glazing
    • Preparation and installation of mirrors and glass splashbacks

Apply for work experience or work placement and the National Apprenticeship Advisor will link you with a company where work-based learning can occur and career opportunities can unfold.





Work Placement Opportunities

If you are a careers teacher, VET co-ordinator, VET, design and technology teacher or maths or science teacher you may wish to take up the offer of the Glass and Glazing Industry Teachers' tour or bring your class along for a Student Tour. Go to the application form and The National Apprenticeship Advisor at AGGA will organise a tour. To gain an understanding of what the benefits are read the Careers in Glass Presentation and Factory Tour case study.


Involvement in the Glass and Glazing Industry Work Placement Program benefits teachers by;

    • Providing schools with relevant work experience or work placements for young people to gain hands-on learning experiences.
    • Supporting the development of strong and ongoing partnerships between businesses and schools, which benefit all those involved.
    • Through the program, students gain real experience and learn about career opportunities.

Find out about the kind of knowledge and skills employers are looking for and about local glass and glazing businesses.